Our Mission


Our desire is to be a gathering of Christ followers who meet together in order to KNOW GOD more through the study and teaching of God’s Word, the Bible. 


Our purpose in gathering together is that we may continually be GROWING IN TRUTH as we actively train others to become disciples of Jesus Christ. We recognize the necessity for all believers to be involved in the lifelong process of discipleship. 


Our heart is to SERVE OTHERS. Inwardly, disciples serve by using their God-given gifts in a ministry within the church body. Because those who have experienced the love of Jesus will naturally have a passion to share it with others, we desire to be a church that reaches out and serves our local community. We will actively work and seek to lead people to a point where their lives are transformed be Jesus Christ as they place their faith and trust in Him. Outwardly, we serve by spreading the Gospel both locally and around the world.