KCC Remodel Projects

Parsonage Remodel

Click below to view Parsonage presentation to KCC Congregation on March 20,2022

It has begun!

We are excited! The first major remodel of our buildings has begun. We are starting with our parsonage. It has many safety and health issues that we are addressing. The first major task was the asbestos and lead paint removal. To accomplish this, we had to take the inside down to the studs. In the pictures below you can see the living room, complete with bathtub; the kitchen and dining room; the master bedroom and bathrooms; and the attic space.

We need your help! 

The contractor's remodel estimate of the parsonage remodel project is $309,560. To prepare for unexpected issues during the remodel, we are going to set aside an additional $40,000.

Generous donations from the Kitsap Community Foundation and from members of our own congregation have given us the ability to get this project started! We are extremely grateful for their assistance.
We are currently in the process of raising the needed balance of $75,000. You can help by donating to our Capital Development fund. The easiest way to help is through our secure online giving here, just remember to choose Capital Development. You can also send in a check, bring in a cash donation, or give via direct bank payment, just check with your bank. Just remember to note that it is for our Parsonage Remodel Project.

Future Projects?

Our older church building, built in 1915 and added to in 1920, is badly in need of a remodel as well. Anticipating this, the roof was replaced in 2020. It has solid framing, and we plan on keeping much of its current charm. The building is currently not a useable space for people to be in. We can only use the majority of it for storage. (The basement of the newly remodeled parsonage will be our new storage space.)
The attached classroom, Mills Hall, was added in 1958. It will be included as part of the remodel.