Many of us have been asking the question,
“When will we reopen the doors of our church?”

This last week our Elder Board made the decision that we will be planning to meet together for corporate worship on Sunday, June 21 for our 10:30 worship service. For the first week we are planning for only one service and if necessary, we have the option of going to two services in the following weeks. There will be no children’s ministry and no nursery available at this time. We understand that not everyone is ready to come back to our regular services in the auditorium and we respectfully understand and support those decisions.

In order to maintain a good reputation in our community, we will be abiding by the guidelines and recommendations set forth by the CDC and our state government. That means safely practicing social distancing and wearing face masks for everyone attending. Parents, please consider if this is attainable for your children. Accommodations will be made for those who are not medically able to wear a mask.

Chairs will be rearranged and spaced for family and individual seating with the required six foot spacing.

According to WA state guidelines total attendance will be limited to 75 people plus staff in the auditorium and we will have overflow seating available in Mills Hall available as well.

We will be communicating and posting on our website more detailed information on the suggested requirements for those choosing to attend services.

We initially closed our buildings in light of our pastoral responsibility to care for our congregation and the many guests that join us each week. We recognize that in the midst of the COVID-19 virus we made the abrupt transition from meeting in person to participation through live-streaming for this very same reason, to protect our congregation from a virus that especially impacts the elderly, those who are immunocompromised, and the families of our community.

We are still accountable to operate within the guidelines recommended by respected health experts in our state and within our community.


Please understand that our church is unwilling to damage our witness and testimony to the community around us.

Instead, our love for Jesus, His mission, and you (the body of Christ), are the focus we’ve chosen and the hope that we’re clinging to.

We are all making major adjustments through this season. Our church family hasn’t stopped being His church in our homes and communities, and we won’t stop leading, serving, and loving in creative and sacrificial ways.


We love you,

We miss you,

And we are praying every day for the Holy Spirit’s protection, provision, and peace for you and your family and an end to this time of separation due to the current COVID-19 situation.

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Scott and the KCC Elder Board